Priority Services Register

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Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Maybe you have difficulties with your eyesight or hearing. Maybe you’re a parent with young children at home. Maybe you have mobility challenges that would make it difficult to pop to the shop for bottled water if your water supply was ever interrupted. Or maybe you have a medical condition that means you rely heavily on your water supply.

Whatever your circumstances, our Priority Services Register helps us make sure we’re giving you the right support and the best service possible.

Use this form to:

  • Join the Priority Services Register for free
  • Remove yourself from the Priority Services register if you no longer need support
  • Update your information if your circumstances have changed and you might need different support from us

Overview requirements

  • Your Welsh Water account reference number This can be found in the top right corner of your bill, on your My Account dashboard, or the reference on your payment if you pay by direct debit.